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Simple solutions to help businesses report Credit History using Metro 2® Formatting and Industry Compliance

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We provide various levels of support for many aspects of reporting your client credit history.


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Sometimes you need a little extra help with filtering data or visualizing it. We can help.

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Prism7 is software you install on your computer. It reads the standard METRO 2® Format file into a powerful and user friendly window. Includes reports and easy search options along with other tools to help you quickly understand what you are reporting with your Metro 2 Formatted File.

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Recent Compliance Information

Are you Compliant with the new NCPA and Credit Reporting Agency requirements?

Learn more about the recent credit reporting requirements for all data furnishers

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Metro 2 file troubleshooting


Metro 2 Regulation Assistance and Guideline Compliance Help


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Data Extraction Assistance


Credit Bureau Error Report Guidance


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Finding Software Tools for reporting


Specialized Software Tool Development


We DO NOT repair credit history at all. We only assist business entities with reporting credit history accurately.

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Metro 2 Reporting Codes

Metro 2® Reporting Codes Metro 2 reporting codes are used to identify important information about a consumers credit status with a business. Businesses who report their consumers credit history to a credit bureau use a standardized reporting format called the...
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Metro 2® J1 and J2 Segment Usage Examples

The J1 and J2 segment can be tricky at first. The following example illustrates some of the proper ways to apply the J1 and J2 segments to your Metro 2® Base Record Fields. Each example shows 2 records for visual aid, so, imagine the same structure for 1000 accounts...
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Equifax Data Breach

On September 7th 2017, Equifax announced a consumer credit data breach which had occurred months before the announcement. Equifax said the database intrusion began in May and continued until July... --Business Insider So if you have not heard of this data theft,...
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Metro 2 File Header

What Is The METRO 2 File Header ® Recommended Reading: What Is The Metro 2 Format® From the first day of reporting consumer credit history, you will need to work with this record or at the very least understand the records important role in your monthly reporting. The...
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Header Activity Date and Date Opened Errors

When you get an error message about the Activity Date and the Date Opened being less than 30 days apart, what does it mean? Note: This error can affect more than 1 account.  According to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) consumers are allowed 30 days to...
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The National Consumer Assistance Plan

The National Consumer Assistance Plan is an initiative launched by the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – to make credit reports more accurate and make it easier for consumers to correct any errors on their credit...
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What Is The Metro 2 Format?

In a nutshell, the Metro 2® Format was created by the CDIA online. It is a standard computer file format that all businesses use to report consumer credit history. Can you imaging trying to work with millions of different spread sheets or text files for credit reporting. It would be insane, so the industry decided to make a universal way for all businesses to save and upload a file to the credit agencies which contains the consumer credit information that will

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E-OSCAR® and Consumer Credit Disputes

Even after registering to report credit history, many companies still don’t know about E-OSCAR®. Reporting errors, fraud and other related scenarios can generate disputes between a consumer and the company reporting that consumers credit history. “Reporting errors...
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