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Over many years in the credit reporting industry, one of the most common tools would have to be a spreadsheet.

Wait, I Need A Spreadsheet To Report Credit?

No don’t run out and purchase a spreadsheet program before reading this article.

Why Do I Need A Spreadsheet Application?

Credit reporting deals with very structured data. Structured data refers to things like customer records having the exact same fields like first and last name and those fields have rules and order. Thats a very basic description of course but when it comes to the bottom line in working with your credit data, chances are, you will need to open some file and view the contents. Thats where a spreadsheet program can become a valuable way to make this file data readable and even work with it if needed.

Spreadsheets offer many advanced features that can help you BUT not understanding some things about your spreadsheet application can make things difficult or worse cause you to damage a file that you may only have one copy of.

Where To Get A Spreadsheet Application

People usually think of Microsoft Excel® when asked if they own or know about spreadsheets. But there are many other companies who have created fantastic alternatives to the Microsoft platform and best of all many are FREE.

Yup, free as in Open Source Licensing free. And don’t be afraid of the old ideas of Open Source software being second rate, those days are over.



Libre Office

Take a look at Libre Office for example, I have used this application in place of Microsoft Office for many years and have never been disappointed. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to promote their software or endorse it, I just really like it.