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I am getting errors about statuses not matching what is on file with my credit bureau. I see this in my monthly status report. What do I do?

The following a similar message provided by credit bureau reports:

Reported status does not follow the delinquent/derogatory stages compared to on-file account condition.

The incoming status is not consistent to the on-file condition. The on-file status code may be ‘paid’ or ‘closed’ and cannot be updated by the reported status code.

Example: Reported status 78 (60 days delinquent) and on file condition is status 13 (paid). Example: Reported status 97 (charge off), and the on-file condition is Status 64 (paid/was a charge off). Note: Paid is considered a final condition.

Action to Correct

Remove the account from reporting OR confirm the actual condition of the account by pulling a Bullseye Report. If the status needs to change, it can only be ‘manually’ updated via e-OSCAR®.

What Does This Mean?

You are basically trying to change history on an account that is considered closed. There are many reasons why you would not want someone to alter your credit history after it is paid and closed. While there are reasons why you would want to updated a closed account there are very few that require you to change an actual trade line. Usually it is an address change that is noticed in reporting software but these are usually not something you can control after closure of the account using your normal reporting software or services.

If You Must Make Changes

Unless this is a FCRA dispute, consider if you really need to update the closed account. And if you do, you must use e-OSCAR® as described earlier see also: What Is e-OSCAR®