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When you get an error message about the Activity Date and the Date Opened being less than 30 days apart, what does it mean? Note: This error can affect more than 1 account. 

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) consumers are allowed 30 days to dispute or rectify a debt before reporting the information to the Credit Bureaus. Once the header Activity Date is greater than 30 days of the Date Open, accounts will be processed.

What To Do About This Error

This error is most common for collection agencies and debt buyers. So as the data furnisher, you basically need to do 2 things:

Step 1 Make sure the Date Opened is correct for each account with the error. If it is not correct, fix it!

Step 2 Next, the Activity Date needs to be correct, make sure it is a current date (you most likely need to generate a new Metro 2 file). The Activity Date in the Metro 2 ® Header Record will refer to the most recent Date of Account Information on file in all of your accounts being reported. For collection agencies and debt buyers, just assume this Activity Date to be the date you reported your Metro 2 ® file (or the day it was created).

NOTE: When a program is generating your Metro 2® Formatted file, this date may be automatically calculated and placed in the head record of the file for you. If this is the case, it is most likely calculating the Header Activity date based on the most recent date of account information out of all consumer records in the Metro 2 ® file.

I Still Have The Same Error(s)

If the Date Opened and the Activity Date are less than 30 days apart, you still have an error. Just stop reporting the account until the activity date is greater than or equal to 30 days from Date Opened (which is usually your next reporting date 30 days from your last one)

Once the account has aged enough, you can start reporting it again.

The Date Opened Was Incorrect and I Fixed It

Great, if you discovered the problem was because of incorrect dates and you fixed them. Now that the Date Opened and the Activity Date are 30 days or more apart.

If you had a high number of these errors you may need to re-submit a new Metro 2 ® File with the corrections. If it was a small number of accounts with this error you may only have to wait until your next regular reporting cycle and report as usual. Contact your representative at the bureau or look for a Data Management contact name on your error report. They will let you know for sure if you need to re-submit the data.

If You Still Need Help or Support

Contact us, we may be able to offer a solution or advice for fixing this error: Contact Our Support