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What Is The METRO 2 File Header ®

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From the first day of reporting consumer credit history, you will need to work with this record or at the very least understand the records important role in your monthly reporting.

The Metro 2 File Header Record ® is the first line of your METRO 2 ® Format File. That’s why it’s called the header record, it is the beginning or HEAD of your file.

The Header Record is one single line of information there should never be two header records. A line break separates each line in your Metro 2 Format ® File to create a ‘record’.

What Does The Header Record Contain?

This file contains not only your business and bureau identification information but important dates like the date the file was created, the most recent activity on file (Activity Date) and more.

You might ask where some of the header dates come from? Some of the dates will be or should be created automatically based on records in the Metro 2 file at some point in the file creation process. Please see the Metro 2 Credit Reporting Resource Guide ® for exact details of how these dates are generated and other full technical details about the Header Record.

How Do I See My Header Record?

The Header Record can be viewed using a text editor and opening your METRO 2 ® file. Avoid using a document software like Microsoft Word® or you will have strange formatting issues making it difficult to read.

Metro 2 File Header Record Example

Metro 2 File Header Record Example 1a

Warning: DO NOT change or save any changes without your Credit Bureaus instruction to do so.

For Help

Our experiences include helping clients safely edit or modify header fields such as adding their bureau Subscriber ID or fixing dates and company information. As you report, you may on occasion have to deal with the Metro 2 File Header Record ®. If you require extended help outside of your Credit Bureaus services, please feel free to contact us right away.

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