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The J1 and J2 segment can be tricky at first. The following example illustrates some of the proper ways to apply the J1 and J2 segments to your Metro 2® Base Record Fields. Each example shows 2 records for visual aid, so, imagine the same structure for 1000 accounts rather than 2. It must stay consistent throughout the file structure.

For specific help please visit the CDIA Online and obtain your copy of the Metro 2 Credit Reporting Resource Guide®


Explore some of the ways to use the Metro 2 J1 and J2 segments.

J1 Segment and J2 Segment

These examples are all based on the 426 fixed length Metro 2 file format. These segments are defined in detail by the Metro 2® Credit Reporting Resource Guide. They are extended segments of the Base Records. When using an extended segment, always maintain record length consistency for all records in your Metro 2 file.