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METRO 2 Format® File Reader
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Supports MacOS

10.9 or higher

Supports Windows

Windows 7 or higher



Opens METRO 2 (426)  formatted files



Quickly find records in your METRO 2 file with Prism7 search



Data quality is critical in credit reporting, being able to view and see your METRO 2 data is important


Reports and other tools give you insight about what is being reported

Metro 2® File Goes In – Great Things Come Out!

Prism7 – Metro 2 Format File Reader

Software you install on your computer. It reads the standard METRO 2® Format file into a powerful and user friendly window. Includes reports and easy search options along with other tools to help you quickly understand what you are reporting with your Metro 2 Formatted File.

FREE for a limited time!

Video: How Prism7 Can Help You

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Prism7 – Metro 2® Format File Reader Screens

Prism7 Features & Information

Search Your Metro 2® File Easily

Find consumer records by searching within the Metro 2® format fields.

Each field is treated individually so you can have complete control over how you search your METRO 2 file.

During times like a consumer dispute, the ability to review the information exactly as it was reported can be of great importance.

Reports and Graphs

Built in reports help you understand your Metro 2 file data in new and easier ways.

We are always adding new reports and ways to look at your Metro 2 file data.

If you have a suggestion please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you install the software directly on your system which makes it much more secure. We would rather not send your credit data across the internet. And we do not want to store your Metro 2 files on our server. Its all local to your computer and the quality of your computer security.

No, the file information is read into memory, there is no way to edit the file from within the software. If this becomes a desired feature, it will most likely be implement at that time.

Right now we are focused on the BASE 426 segment. This segment contains the bulk of your credit data and needs to be perfected. After that we will be offering extended segments like the J1 and J2 segments.